LIST:$229.95 MXP:$205.00
P# 411-HXR-8001

Bore Kit - 95cc XR/CRF80, 79 - 13
BBR introduces the first complete big bore kit for the CRF80 (and XR80)!
Our new bore kit includes the cylinder making for a quick and easy upgrade.
It features a 52 mm high compression piston resulting in a displacement of 95.6 cc.
This kit includes the head gasket, base gasket, and intake gasket.

10.0:1 compression ratio lets it run on pump premium gas.
As for all BBR bore kits, we recommend using enthanol free gasoline (see

Works with stock camshaft and valve springs or optional BBR performance camshaft (part number 411-HXR-1020 listed in Optional Parts below).
OEM Kehin PC18/20 carb works great with minor rejetting.

52 mm piston
95.6 cc displacement
10.0:1 compression ratio
Includes new aluminum cylinder, piston, rings, pin, clips, head and base gaskets
Fits CRF/XR80 model years 1979 - 2013
Works with BBR CRF/XR100 camshaft (see optional parts below) or OEM camshaft

411-HXR-1001 LIST:$329.95 MXP:$299.00

BBR Bore Kit - 120cc W/Cam HONDA XR/CRF100, 93-Present
BBR Motorsports celebrates one of the best selling dirt bikes of all time with this high-compression 120cc big bore engine kit for the XR/CRF 100.
Increased displacement, higher compression and large cooling fins enhance the performance and longevity of the motor.
This is the only XR/CRF100 bore kit that matches the new rocker arms perfectly to the new high-performance BBR cam shaft.
This kit is ready to go and bolts on with no case boring required. Dyno tests show more than 2HP gain with this kit.
? Increased displacement
? High compression
? High performance camshaft
? New Rocker arms and adjusters
? Large fin cylinder design
? Gasket kit
? Complete piston, pin, clip and rings
To get a little more performance
out of your new 120 kit let MXperformance,
Port your cylinder head.. .
We also sell , A brand-new head w/valves/springs/ seals/ head porting .
Please call for more info



These kits are built to order special order only...

Please see terms on special orders.
P#55-120 HONDA CRF100 LIST:$899.99 MXP:$880.00
Digital Ignition System - Tokyo Mods Stage 3 / XR/CRF100, 93-Present
This revolutionary system is the ultimate four stroke Mini-bike ignition system, we?ve developed just what you need to complete that outrageous mini-bike. It?s time to get out of the analog stone age and into the modern age of digital programmable ignitions. Nothing can even come close to this incredible package, There is absolutely no better system available. Our system includes a custom programed Vortex CDI, lightweight flywheel, stator, stator plate, wire harness, coil, spark plug cap and detailed installation instructions. This system completely replaces your stock ignition system. We recommend this for modified minibikes that are looking for the next level!
NO RETURNS or REFUNDS ON CDI / REV BOX'S /Digital Ignition System




P#MXP PPH-CRF100  MXP:$229.00

Port/Flow Cylinder Head 

Your core is required to be sent in to have this modification completed for this price.. .

New Valves an Valve seals can be added for an extra cost.

MXP Lightened Flywheel


Performance benefits are: faster rev-ving motor , Improved engine braking,
Your core is required to be sent in to have this modification completed for this price..


411-HXR-1025 LIST:$59.95 MXP:$50.00
Valve Springs - HD HONDA XR/CRF100, 93-Present
BBR heavy duty valve springs

411-HXR-1020 LIST:$157.95 MXP:$145.00
BBR Camshaft - High Performance W/Rocker Set HONDA XR / CRF80 / 100, 79-13

410-HXR-1005 LIST:$ 39.95 MXP:$32.00
Clutch Springs - HD / XR/CRF100, 93-Present
Heavy duty springs help prevent clutch slippage in high-performance CRF/XR100F motors.

? Custom wound from chrome-silicon wire
? Preset for long life
? Higher spring seat pressure to resist clutch slippage


10-1123-BK LIST:$335.95 MXP:$305.00
EVO M series Big Gun Exhaust System Black Out Edition / Honda CRF100 / XR/CRF80 01-13
has been a Big Gun staple for over a decade.
Though there have been changes and improvements over the years, the goal has always been to produce noticeable performance gains.
The deep and throaty tone is sure to make even a grown man feel like a kid again.
EVO M series is perfect for kids (or adults) looking to get more power and sound out of their mini MX or ATV model.

Made for various 50cc ? 110cc models
Black powder coated specialty aluminum muffler
TIG welded 304 stainless steel mid pipe / head pipe
Black powder coated stainless steel end tip
Lighter than stock exhaust system
Significant horsepower and torque gains
Sleek muffler design allows for maximum clearance
Removable screen-type spark arrestor included
Handmade in the USA


P# 10-1123 LIST:$289.95 MXP:$265.00

EVO M Full System -  / Honda CRF100 / XR/CRF80  01-13
HONDA XR / CRF80 / 100


? Ceramic coated 18 gauge mild steel stepped

head pipe construction

? 6061 T-6 aluminum silencer

? Hard anodized titanium finish

? Custom heat shield

? Hi-performance silencer packing

? Meets USFS approved 94-96dB?s

?USFS approved spark arrestor

?Lighter than stock



451-HXR-5001 LIST:$99.95 MXP:$89.00

BBR Rev Box - Honda / XR/CRF50/70/80/100
Fits CRF/XR50, CRF/XR70, CRF/XR80, and CRF/XR100 to eliminate the 9800 rpm rev limiter and provides a hotter advance curve.
? Eliminates the 9800 rpm rev-limiter of the OEM ignition
? Direct replacement for the OEM CDI ignition box
NO RETURNS or REFUNDS ON CDI / REV BOX'S /Digital Ignition System


P#50-001   LIST:$89.95  MXP:$79.00


This is not your average "rev box" this all new.

Tokyomods plug in ignition box changes your ignition map to produce more power, as well as increase your rev limiter


P# 330-HCF-1230 LIST:$1499.95  MXP:$


Swingarm Kit - ProComp W/Elka Shock Includes Chain Guide/ CRF125F 14-Present / CRF/XR100 85-13

All new BBR MX style, vertical shock, rear end kit for the CRF125F/FB or CRF/XR100. We went back to the drawing board and completely redesigned the ultimate rear suspension upgrade for your playbike. The BBR swingarm and shock eliminate the horrible stock linkage and gives you big-bike quality suspension. The swingarm is machined from 3 solid chunks of billet aluminum, TIG welded and heat-treated for high strength. The result is a strong and light swingarm that's survived the worst abuse BBR's test riders could throw at it. The side arms have been computer designed to be stiffer and stronger then any other swingarm we've ever built. That lets the bike track straighter through the whoops and exit turns smoother and more predictably than ever before.

The Elka shock is their lastest Stage 4 design with adjustable compression, rebound, and spring preload. Carson Brown approved valving ensures the best rear suspension on any CRF125F or CRF/XR100 anywhere.

This swingarm will also fit the CRF/XR80, but will be substantially longer than those swingarms and the seat height will be dramatically higher. As long as you figure out getting the front end high enough to match, this works okay. Using the longer OEM fork legs from the CRF100F or XR100R (1985 and newer) is the easiest way to do it. The longer 100 legs will slide right up in your OEM CRF/XR80 triple clamps and fit your 80 front wheel.

Machined from solid billet 6061 aluminum
Raw machined finish can easily be polished, sanded, or brushed for a satin/brushed appearance
Pocketed design ensures stiffness while reducing weight
Elka Stage 4 shock with 1100 lbs. spring (optional 1200 lbs. spring is available for purchase)
Length: 18.88" (480mm) from pivot bolt to forward axle position (center-to-center)
Approximately 1 1/4" longer depending on year and model (CRF125F/FB or CRF/XR100)
Ride height approximately 2" - 2 1/2" taller depending on model
Axle slot length: 1.34" (34mm)
Chain guide mount is welded in place (not bolted on)
Includes BBR Works Edition Chain Guide
Fits the OEM CRF125F/FB or CRF/XR100 rear hub

Note: You will need a longer chain (see Optional Parts below if you want to purchase one with your swingarm). These swingarms use the BBR CRF125F chainguides (which is included).

You'll likely want something to raise the front end of your bike to match the additional height of our rear end kit.

CRF125F/FB owners can run our BBR CRF125F tripleclamps
CRF/XR80/100 owners can use our BBR CRF/XR80/100 tripleclamps (coming soon).

Note 2: This is a kit. You need this swingarm and this shock to make it all work. Your stock (or aftermarket) shock and linkage will not work with this swingarm. Your Works Perfomance (or DNM or any other aftermarket) XR100 shock will not work with this swingarm. Eliminating the linkage, with a great shock, is the magic.



660-HXR-1005 LIST:$119.95 MXP:$109.95

Shock Spring - BBR/Elka Shock 975lb. / XR/CRF80/100 85-03 / CRF125FB 14-Present

Custom developed by BBR Motorsports for the ultimate upgrade for mini four-strokes.
Sized perfectly for fast/aggressive adult mini riders.
This shock works for XR/CRF100 applications and also as a replacement shock for BBR's
SuperShock by Elka which comes on Perimeter frame kits and some SuperComp Swingarm kits.
Fits the big wheel CRF125FB 2014-Present.

30% stiffer than stock (most models)
Preset and stress relieved for long life
Custom wound from aircraft quality spring steel
Powder coated finish


650-HXR-1005 LIST:$99.95 MXP:$89.95
BBR Fork Springs HONDA XR/CRF100, 85-Present


520-BBR-3011 LIST:$79.95 MXP:$73.00
Handlebar - CB910 Edition, 7/8" Midsize, Black

Working with Carson Brown, BBR has developed this brand new handlebar specifically for 110 sized bikes.
We moved the bends closer to the center to allow the use of big bike controls.
Then the cross bar was moved up to stiffen the bar and we refined the alloy and heat treat to get the perfect stiffness and strength.
The surface is shot peened and anodized black

For a bar this killer, we knew it needed the perfect bar pad.
The molded closed cell foam pad looks both retro and modern with the embossed BBR logo.

7000 series aluminum
Perfect MX mid-size bar
Knurled grip area, 100mm wide
Standard, 7/8" bar mount
Includes molded foam BBR crossbar pad


Tripleclamp - Std Bar, Silver / XR/CRF80/100, 85-Present


510-HXR-1031    LIST:$249.95 MXP:$239.00
 CNC machined from 6061 T-6 aluminum. Designed to accommodate adult riders.
Raises bar mount position by 1.25" Fully adjustable.
Allows stock height or lowering of forks by 1" to raise front end. Fits standard 7/8" bar size.


388-YTR-1212 LIST:$119.95 MXP:$108.95

19" Aluminum Rim - Front CRF100, CRF125FB, or TTR125L

Lighter and stronger than the steel production rims.
These aluminum rims are fully dimpled and beautifully anodized.
Made exclusively for BBR Motorsports from 7000 series aluminum.

19" x 1.40 x 36 hole
High gloss, black anodized finish
High strength 7000 series aluminum


388-YTR-1211 LIST:$109.95 MXP:$99.00

16" Aluminum Rim - Rear CRF100, CRF125FB or TTR125L

Lighter and stronger than the steel production rims.
These aluminum rims are fully dimpled and beautifully anodized.
Made exclusively for BBR Motorsports from 7000 series aluminum.

19" x 1.40 x 36 hole
High gloss, black anodized finish
High strength 7000 series aluminum


320-HXR-1011 LIST:$209.95 MXP:$193.00
BBR Frame Cradle - Aluminum, Black HONDA XR/CRF80/100 ,85-Present
Protects engine and helps prevent frame stretching and breakage. Tig welded 6061 aluminum. A must-have for any CRF80/100F owner

? Tig Welded 6061 Aluminum
? Roto-Blasted for toughness with anodized finish
? Hardware Included
? Bolts on in minutes


P# CRF100TallSeat MXP:$125.00
Tall Seat - Foam W/Cover HONDA XR/CRF80/100, 01-Present
Tall seat foam with non-slip black seat cover
Flatter mid-section (1? - 2? taller depending on model)


345-HXR-1011 LIST:$89.95 MXP:$79.00

Chain Guide, Factory Edition - Black / XR/CRF80/100, 85-13
Fully wraps the chain to guide it onto the rear sprocket. CNC machined, stainless steel hardware and HDPE plastic buffer for low friction. Saves expensive engine cases. Anodized finish with BBR logo
? Lightweight high-strength aluminum
? Stainless steel hardware
? Protects engine cases



537-BBR-1005 MXP:$37.00

Shift Lever - BBR Aluminum Folding HONDA XR/CRF80/100
Folding tip, forged aluminum shift lever from BBR Motorsports.
Stronger and lighter than the stock shift lever, with a beautiful anodized (titanium color) finish.
Packaged on hanging card for dealer display

? Strong forged aluminum construction
? Steel knurled folding tip (chrome plated)
? Anodized titanium finish
? Laser etched BBR logo




516-HXR-5001 MXP:$36.95
Steering Bearing Set - Tapered HONDA XR/CRF50/70/80/100
Upgrade your CRF/XR50/70/80/100 ball bearing steering stem bearings to full tapered roller bearings
? High quality tapered roller bearings and races
? Fits CRF/XR50, CRF/XR70, CRF/XR80, and CRF/XR100


240-HXR-1031 LIST:$399.99 MXP:$379.00

D3 Exhaust System - XR/CRF80/100

BBR's new D3 exhaust is the latest generation in BBR's legendary D-Section exhaust systems.
This design incorporates an air-craft quality stainless steel header that has been tuned specifically to optimize performance and power gains.
An all new, lightweight "D" profile muffler is used to drastically reduce weight on all models.
BBR's unique "D" muffler also allows for maximum tire clearance and packing volume.
A lightweight carbon fiber endcap incorporates a chrome "D3" emblem.
The head shield is also carbon fiber and includes drilled "Works Type" washers.

For all applications, the new BBR D3, come as complete systems including header and muffler.
A USDA Forest Service approved spark arrester is included.
If you need to reduce the dB level, BBR offers an optional Cancel Core Insert, that will keep the neighbors happy.

Every BBR D3 exhaust includes a rubber end plug, for use when washing your bike, as well as a spring puller to ease installation.
We've thrown in a bunch of decals, heat shield tape, and put these accessories in a BBR black canvass zipper case.

  Lightweight 6061 aluminum muffler with carbon fiber end cap
    Thin-wall stainless steel header and mid-pipe
    Carbon Fiber heat shield
    All stainless steel hardware through-out
    Includes BBR jet wash end plug, spring puller, decal pack, heat shield tape, and black BBR zipper bag

240-HCF-1231 LIST:$399.99 MXP:$375.00
 BBR D3 Exhaust System - CRF125, 19-Present 

TBW0937  MXP:$64.00

AFT 20mm Replacement Carb w/Cable ? All Models XR80 CRF80
Nice replacement 20mm carb. The carb will work great on all model years This carb is virtually identical to early model XR80 carbs. The main difference is choke lever ? is not extended like on the original. However, it can be replaced with the original lever or modified.

TBW9087 LIST:$ 179.99 MXP:$159.00

TB Bore Kit ? 120cc
120cc XR100 & CRF100 Big Bore Performance Kit (58mm):

? Aluminum cylinder with steel sleeve
? High compression 58mm piston with rings, pin, & clips
? Head gasket kit

This affordable 120cc Big Bore Kit will make your XR100 or CRF100 a lot more fun to
ride by adding some much needed power,  This kit does not require boring of the
case ? simply bolt on and go!!

There are no installation instructions, but if you can replace your
piston, you can install this kit. If you don?t have any experience working on
your engine, we highly recommend the Clymer?s repair manual available in this
section. The parts are installed in the exact same manner as the stock Honda parts.



TBW9062 LIST:$196.99 MXP:$182.00


Mikuni VM26mm Performance Carb Kit ? For use with Stock HeadThe Mikuni VM26 has a proven track record of high
performance, quality, and easy tuning.  This kit is a great item to use with our 120cc bore kit. The kit includes:

? Genuine Mikuni VM26mm Performance Carb
? Intake Kit
? Jet kit with 3 different smaller sizes (Stock size is a #195)
? Throttle Cable ? Performance Air Filter

Kit is for 2001 and newer models only.


TBW1375  LIST:$285.95 MXP:$264.00


Additionally, this shock will also fit all years Honda CRF80 and 1985 and up XR80.

DNM Rear Shock, Fully Adjustable ? CRF100 & XR100
DNM fully adjustable rear shock for CRF100 and XR100. This shock is a huge improvement over the factory shock as it is sprung heavier, has adjustable rebound, and compression letting you dial in your rear suspension.

650lb Spring good for riders over 150lbs
Remote gas filled reservoir for adjustable rebound and compression
Great Value! This shock is the same price as a new OEM replacement shock.
Main spring is now Red ,CRF and XR80 ? Do NOT let the shock reservoir hose kick or touch the chain in any way.


TBW0483  MXP:$125.00

Mikuni Carburetor, VM24
Genuine Mikuni VM24 ? 512 series Carburetor. A great option for 88 ? 150cc Minibikes.

Factory Installed jets Pilot #40 and Main #210
Fits 35mm Spigot manifolds. For example 
42mm OD on the air filter side.
Recommended throttle cable for Honda style throttles


411-HXR-8035  MXP:$69.00

Timing Chain & Cam Sprocket set - OEM Honda CRF/XR80 1979-2013
OEM Honda replacement timing chain and sprocket for the CRF80 or XR80. Great to have on hand when doing our 95 big bore kit installation.


TBW1619  LIST:$284.99 MXP:$264.00



DNM Rear Shock, Adjustable Rebound & Compression ? CRF125
DNM fully adjustable rear shock for CRF125. This shock is a huge improvement over the factory shock as it is sprung heavier with a 700# spring, has adjustable rebound, and compression letting you dial in your rear suspension.

Heavy duty 700lb spring ? great for adult riders
Remote gas filled reservoir for adjustable rebound and compression.
Great Value! This shock is the same price as a new OEM replacement shock.
Hardened 14mm main shaft
Important Installation notes: Must secure the remote compression reservoir to the subframe. Instructions for installation and ?shock setup? not included (It will only fit one way).

TBW1717  LIST:$189.00 MXP:$169.00



DNM Rear Shock, Adjustable Rebound ? CRF125
DNM Heavy duty rear shock for CRF125. This shock is a huge improvement over the factory shock for adult riders. It is sprung much heavier with a 700# spring and it has adjustable rebound. Bolt on perfect fit!

Heavy duty 700lb spring ? great for adult riders
Adjustable rebound
Great Value! This shock is the same price as a new OEM replacement shock.
Hardened 14mm main shaft
Dual Support collar
Important Installation notes: Instructions for installation and ?shock setup? not included.

650-HXR-8005 LIST:$99.95 MXP:$89.95

Fork Springs - XR/CRF80, 85-13

Custom developed by BBR for adult riders and fast kids. Preset and stress-relieved for long life. Fits stock forks.



LIST:$99.95 MXP:$89.95
Fork Springs - CRF125F

Big Wheel 13-18



LIST:$99.95 MXP:$89.95
Fork Springs - CRF125F

Small Wheel




LIST:$99.95 MXP:$89.95
Fork Springs - CRF125F

Big Wheel




552-HCF-1132  LIST:$129.95 MXP:$119.00

Front Brake Rotor - Works Edition 220mm / CRF125F/FB 14-Present or BBR CRF110F Disc Brake Kit
220mm front brake rotor fits the Honda CRF125 2014 to present. It may also fit other Honda MX models that use a 220mm rotor with the 106mm bolt circle.

Modern CAD design brake rotor
220 mm Outside Diameter
106 mm bolt circle with 6mm holes (x4)