P# 241.626 MXP:$86.00
Polini Speed Variator Kit
Honda Rukus / Zoomer 50 / METROPLITAN, 4-stroke The variator transmits the power of the engine to the rear wheel while keeping the engine in an exactly defined rev-band. The Polini variator offers the advantage of a wider range of adjustment. If correct weights are used this will increase acceleration as well as top speed. The kit is supplied with 3 different sets of weights for setting up the variator properly. Attention: Kit only contains 1 weight set and 3 additional rollers for combining.


P# 12001200   LIST:$99.95 MXP:$89.00

Malossi MHR Variator for 2013+ Honda 



MXPLFW  MXP:$85.00
MXP Lightened Flywheel

Performance benefits are: faster rev-ving motor , Improved engine braking,
Your core is required to be sent in to have this modification completed for this price..


 Now!!! $209.00

This kit includes the Sheng Wey Carburetor.

PC20 MXP:$239.95 NOW!!!! $218.00
 PC20 Carb Kit W/Sheng Wey

Looking for more power an torque? Ready to get rid of your stock vacuum style carb? Here is your answer. This carb kit is larger (Stock carb is 15mm) and is easier to tune than the small stocker, plus it is a slide carb so throttle pull is now easier.

With the new cast manifold engine porting will have a greater effect on power because the manifold now uses a gasket instead of a o-ring. This new setup allows the intake port to be enlarged at the throat for a better match/flow with the carb kit.

* We recommend using the Kitaco CDI with this kit.
* You will have to trim a hole in the OEM floorboard under the seat to clear the throttle cable.
* This is a complete bolt-on application for all model years Honda Ruckus.

Components included in the kit:
- (NEW Cast Manifold) Solid mount intake manifold (Other kits include a manifold with rubber mount that is known to rip)
- (NEW) All kits include a plastic 6 compartment box for sorting/storing jets and other small items
- all o-rings/gaskets needed for install
- PC20 carburetor (Completely modified for use on the Ruckus, Drain fitting is trimmed, and choke lever is modified)
- Air filter
- Throttle cable
- Honda style flange bolts for mounting the carb to the manifold
(NEW - Now includes more jets) Main jet kit - 75, 78, 80, 82, 85, 88, 89 (in carb), 90, 92, 95
- Pilot jet kit - 30, 32, 35 (in carb), 38
- Adapter fitting for coolant line


PPHV  MXP:$200.00 


Port/Flow Cylinder Head and modify valves

A core with valve is required to be sent in to have this modification completed for this price. Valve seals are included. New Valves can be added for an extra cost.


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