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CRF 110 2013 - 2016  196596 LIST:$395.95  MXP:$349.00



• Features many of the same design aspects of

our Pro Series but in a more affordable 304L

stainless steel version featuring an RS-2 oval

canister design

• An ideal system for the privateer or hardcore

weekend warrior

• Benefits from the same dyno and track testing

as our Pro Series to provide a solid increase in

performance throughout the entire powerband

• 2-piece style end cap and a USFS approved

removable, screen-type spark arrestor are

standard. A complete system weighs just over

7 pounds




 P# 330-HCF-1131 LIST:$439.95  MXP:$405.00

Super Stock Swingarm - CRF110F

Constructed of heat treated 6061 T6 aluminum with billet drop-outs and shock mount.

 It is lengthened 2" over stock swingarm length.

 Includes stainless steel bushings and needle bearings. HAND MADE IN USA

• 6061 T6 Aluminum
• Tig welded construction
• 2" longer than stock
• Needle bearing pivots

Please note: Due to the extended length of this swingarm a longer chain will be needed for installation.





P# 794-0501  CRF110F ‘13-17 T-5 system  LIST:$249.95  MXP:$224.00

Trick out that new CRF110F of yours with Pro Circuit's T-5 Stainless System.

Equipped with a removable spark arrestor, the T-5 is constructed of stainless steel/aluminum and was designed for durability, demanded by off-road racers and recreational riders.


Features Included:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Strong muffler bracket
  • TIG welded
  • Asymmetric muffler design for increased packing volume
  • Removable USFS approved spark arrestor 



LIST:$249.95 MXP:$219.00 

411-HCF-1101 Bore Kit - 132cc / CRF110F, 13-Present 

 Bore Kit - 132cc / CRF110F, 13-Present

Easy bolt-on power. This is the largest bore kit available that does not require boring your engine cases for additional cylinder sleeve clearance.

 New aluminum cylinder with steel sleeve, lightweight piston kit and gaskets are included in this complete and ready to go kit

• Aluminum cylinder with steel sleeve
• 55mm lightweight aluminum piston kit
• Gasket kit including cylinder head and cylinder base gaskets

Stock CRF110F - 50.0mm bore, 55.6mm stroke


This is a must have for your ruckus for the guys who run unlimited CDI boxes, it installs in less than 5 min.

P# MXP564716  MXP:$37.95


• Works on all gas engines (including fuel injected 4-cycle engines

• Tracks total hours on motor, non-resettable

• Measures tach up 20,000 RPM in real time

• Remembers max RPM, resettable

• Spinning arrow activity icon

• Adjustable display update smoothness (fast/slow)

• Adjustable tach pulse sensitivity (high/low)



 LIST:$159.95  MXP:$139.00

 420-HCF-1101 Carb Kit - BBR 18mm / CRF110F 13-Present

 CRF110F 18mm Big Carb Kit

Perfect add-on for the under carbureted CRF110F. Stock carburetor is 13mm which very small for a 110cc displacement engine.

 Increase power throughout the RPM range utilizing 18mm carburetor. Bolt-on performance. Includes all required components for easy installation right down to a jet assortment for fine tuning

• 18mm Carb (80m/35p)
• Includes throttle and extended cable
• Includes 4 extra main jets


430-HCF-1110  LIST:$129.95  MXP:$119.00

BBR Air Filter Kit - U-Flow / CRF110F 13-Present

BBR's exclusive U-Flow Air Filter System turns the filter around so it faces backwards, keeping it shielded from dirt and mud. It comes with a high-volume oversized Uni Air Filter maximizing air flow. This innovative upgrade allows the bike to be jetted for optimum performance. The U-Flow delivers a high volume of air to your carburetor resulting in sharper throttle response. Complete kit includes adapters to fit stock CRF110 carbs along with Keihin PC18/20 and Mikuni VM26

• Sharper throttle response
• Shields filter from dirt and debris
• Maximizes air-flow with high-volume oversized Unittm air filter
• Allows bike to be jetted for optimum performance



LIST:$109.95  MXP:$95.95 

451-HCF-1502   Rev Box - Honda / CRF110F, 13-Present

BBR Rev Box - Honda CRF110F 13-Present, CRF150F 06-Present

Eliminates the 9800 rpm rev limiter and provides a hotter advance curve. For use on Honda CRF110F 13-Present and CRF150F 06-Present.

• Eliminates the 9800 rpm rev-limiter of the OEM ignition
• Direct replacement for the OEM CDI ignition box
• Hotter advance curve
• CRF110F 13- Present
• CRF150F 06-Present



P# 560-9412 HONDA CRF110 ‘13-16 LIST:$34.99  MXP:$31.00
Black anodized Forged lever arm with OEM color matched billet folding tip to prevent bending or folding out
of the way when contacted
• Replaces stock levers with a sturdy alloy lever at a lower cost than OEM
• Knurled anodized shifter tip offers a positive feel in any condition



LIST:$169.95  MXP:$149.00 

 510-HCF-1101 Handlebar Kit - Tall Bars W/Controls / CRF110F 13-15

Handlebar Kit - Tall Bars W/Controls / CRF110F

A must have for larger riders on the CRF110F. Replace the stock "low-rise" steel handlebar with BBR's Premium Aluminum MX bar. BBR bars are about 2" taller and 4" wider with considerably less pullback to provide a much more upright and aggressive riding position. The BBR throttle, cable, and carb top allow you to run normal sized motorcycle grips.

Complete kit includes BBR aluminum bars, extended throttle cable, machined carb top, throttle assembly, extended front brake cable, shorty style brake lever, grips and BBR bar pad.

 • Aggressive riding position
• BBR Aluminum MX handlebars
• Throttle with extended cable and carb top
• Shorty style brake lever with extended cable
• BBR grips and bar pad


LIST:$74.95 MXP:$64.99 

340-HCF-1111 Chain Guide - Black / CRF110F, 13-Present

Fully wraps the chain to guide it onto the rear sprocket. CNC machined, stainless steel hardware and HDPE plastic buffer for low friction. Saves expensive engine cases. Anodized finish with BBR logo

• Lightweight high-strength aluminum
• Stainless steel hardware
• Protects engine cases


 537-BBR-1009  MXP:$35.00

Shift Lever - BBR Aluminum Folding +1/2" / CRF110F 13-Present

Folding tip, forged aluminum shift lever from BBR Motorsports. Stronger and lighter than the stock shift lever, with a beautiful anodized (titanium color) finish. Packaged on hanging card for dealer display. (1/2" longer than stock)

• 1/2" Longer than stock
• Strong forged aluminum construction
• Steel knurled folding tip (chrome plated)
• Anodized titanium finish
• Laser etched BBR logo


 LIST:$89.95  MXP:$79.95

650-HCF-1105 Fork Springs - CRF110F, 13-Present 

Fork Springs - CRF110F

Custom-developed by BBR for adult riders. Pre-set and stress relieved for long life. For use in stock CRF110F forks.

• Increased spring rate for adults
• Preset and stress relieved for long life
• Custom wound from aircraft quality spring steel
• Fits CRF110F stock forks




LIST:$99.95 MXP:$89.95 

660-HCF-1105  Shock Spring - CRF110F, 13-Present

Shock Spring - CRF110F

Custom developed by BBR Motorsports for mini four-strokes. Increased spring rate for fast/aggressive adult mini riders. This is the most important upgrade you can make for an adult sized rider for improved suspension action. The stock suspension is too soft for most adults. Fits stock CRF110F shock

• Increased spring rate for adults
• Preset and stress relieved for long life
• Custom wound from aircraft quality spring steel
• Powder coated finish
• Fits stock CRF110F shock.