P# 240-YTR-1131 LIST:$399.95  MXP:$380.00


Exhaust System - D3, Silver / TTR110, 08-Present

BBR's new D3 exhaust is the latest generation in BBR's legendary D-Section exhaust systems.
This design incorporates an air-craft quality stainless steel header that has been tuned specifically to optimize performance and power gains.
An all new, lightweight "D" profile muffler is used to drastically reduce weight on all models.
BBR's unique "D" muffler also allows for maximum tire clearance and packing volume.
A lightweight carbon fiber endcap incorporates a chrome "D3" emblem.
The head shield is also carbon fiber and includes drilled "Works Type" washers.

For all applications, the new BBR D2, come as complete systems including header and muffler.
A USDA Forest Service approved spark arrester is included.
If you need to reduce the dB level, BBR offers an optional Cancel Core Insert, that will keep the neighbors happy.

Every BBR D3 exhaust includes a rubber end plug, for use when washing your bike, as well as a spring puller to ease installation.
We've thrown in a bunch of decals, heat shield tape, and put these accessories in a BBR black canvass zipper case.

    Lightweight 6061 aluminum muffler with carbon fiber end cap
    Thin-wall stainless steel header and mid-pipe
    Carbon Fiber heat shield
    All stainless steel hardware through-out
    Includes BBR jet wash end plug, spring puller, decal pack, heat shield tape, and black BBR zipper bag


MXPLFW  MXP:$95.00
MXP Lightened Flywheel
Performance benefits are: faster rev-ving motor , Improved engine braking,
Your core is required to be sent in to have this modification completed for this price..


TBW9197 LIST:$169.95  MXP:$159.00

 TB 130cc Big Bore Kit

Bolt on big power with new 130cc Bore Kit for TTR110s (All Years)

-Lightweight high compression domed piston with rings, pin, & clips (91+ Octane Pump Fuel Safe!)

-55.5mm, this is the biggest bore kit you can install without needing machining to the cases (case boring).
These are high quality parts and definitely will dramatically increase the power and fun factor on your bike!

There are no installation instructions, but if you can replace your piston, you can install this kit as the parts are installed in the same manner as the OEM parts.
  However, its highly recommended that a professional install this kit and make sure its tuned properly to prevent a lean condition and damage to your engine.



TBW9203 LIST:$209.99  MXP:$190.00

 TB 130cc Big Bore Kit, Air Filter & Jets – TTR110

TBparts 130cc TTR110 Big Bore Kit with Air Filter and Jets.

Bolt on big power for all years of the Yamaha TTR110!
This kit features our 55.5mm lightweight high compression domed piston with piston rings, pin, and clips (91+ Octane pump Fuel Safe!).
55.5mm (130cc) is as big as you can go on these engines without having to disassemble the engine and bore the cases.
Our aluminum steel sleeve cylinder will fit right in place. A dual stage 35mm pod air filter to let it breath better for more power and better throttle response.
Our top end gasket kit includes the correct sized base gasket and head gasket.
It also includes a new timing chain tensioner and exhaust gasket.
Finally it comes with an assortment of both Pilot and Main Jets to dial in the jetting after the kit is installed.
This high quality bore kit will add big power to your TTR110 that you will defiantly notice.

Kit Contents:

    TBW1520 55.5mm Hight compression Lightweight Piston kit
    TBW1521 130cc Top end Gasket kit
    TBW1522 55.5mm TTR110 130cc aluminum steel sleeve Cylinder
    TBW0863 35mm Dual Stage Air Filter
    TBW1559 Main Jet kit includes sizes #95, 100, 105, 110, 115
    TBW1560 Pilot jet kit includes sizes #12.5, 15, 17.5, 20

Note – There are no installation instructions, but if you can replace your piston, you can install this kit as all the parts are installed in the same manner as the OEM parts. 
However, its highly recommended that a professional install this kit or, at a minimum, purchasing the shop manual for your bike available from your local Yamaha dealer.
Furthermore dialing in the jetting and tuning a carb is also best left to a professional to get the best results.
One size larger on the main jet and pilot jet is the recommended settings to start at.



  P# 10-2203 LIST:$289.95  MXP:$249.00

EVO M Full System - Yamaha TTR 110E (08-22)


• Ceramic coated 18 gauge mild steel stepped

head pipe construction

• 6061 T-6 aluminum silencer

• Hard anodized titanium finish

• Custom heat shield

• Hi-performance silencer packing

• Meets USFS approved 94-96dB’s

•USFS approved spark arrestor

•Lighter than stock

•Deep rich sound


NEW !!!  EVO M series
Black Out Edition
10-2203-BK LIST:$335.95  MXP:$289.00
EVO M Full System - Yamaha TTR 110E 08-22 Black Out Edition
 has been a Big Gun staple for over a decade.
Though there have been changes and improvements over the years, the goal has always been to produce noticeable performance gains.
The deep and throaty tone is sure to make even a grown man feel like a kid again.
EVO M series is perfect for kids (or adults) looking to get more power and sound out of their mini MX or ATV model.

    Made for various 50cc – 110cc models
    Black powder coated specialty aluminum muffler
    TIG welded 304 stainless steel mid pipe / head pipe
    Black powder coated stainless steel end tip
    Lighter than stock exhaust system
    Significant horsepower and torque gains
    Sleek muffler design allows for maximum clearance
    Removable screen-type spark arrestor included
    Handmade in the USA


390-SUN-2126   MXP:$37.95
Chain - Sunstar Mini MX Works Gold Chain / 420 - 126L

Sunstar MXR Works Chain 420 with 126 links.
Designed for mini motocross and off road racing.

    Deep gold side plates & gold inner plates
    Super strong & lightweight design for high performance / racing mini off road & motocross machines
    Utilizes TST (TripleStar Treated) ultra hard pins & 100% heat treated components for high strength and durability
    Uses clip type connnecting link
    Tensile strength of just under 5000 lbs
    Seamless rollers & bushings help provide the added life & durability


320-YTR-1131  LIST:$129.95  MXP:$119.95
TTR110 Skid Plate

3/16" thick tig welded 6061 aluminum.
Bolt-on protection for your engine. Installs in minutes.
Only the finest in materials and craftmanship.
All hardware included. HAND MADE IN USA.

    6061 aluminum
    TIG welded construction
    Bolts on in minutes


 520-BBR-1031  LIST:$79.95  MXP:$69.95
Handlebar - BBR Aluminum MX , Midsize, Silver
Developed by BBR engineers using 2014 T6 aluminum makes this one of the strongest bars on the market.
Shape has been developed and tested to be the perfect fit for MX style riding.
Perfect for adult riders on KLX 110 and TTR110 bikes along with many others.
Knurled grip area to resist slipage.

    2014 T6 aluminum
    Perfect MX mid-size bar
    Knurled grip area, 100mm wide
    Standard, 7/8" bar mount

Application Note:
The BBR Aluminum MX Bar (MidSize Bend) is a great bar for KLX/DRZ110, TTR110 and some XR/CRF50 applications.




PART# 660-YTR-1105  LIST:$109.95  MXP:$99.95

Shock Spring - TTR110, 08-Present

Custom developed by BBR Motorsports for the ultimate upgrade for mini four-strokes.
Sized perfectly for fast/aggressive adult mini riders.

    30% stiffer than stock (most models)
    Preset and stress relieved for long life
    Custom wound from aircraft quality spring steel
    Powder coated finish


634-YTR-1101 LIST:$99.95  MXP:$91.00
Damping Rod Set - TTR110, 08-Present
BBR TTR110 Damping Rods

These front fork damping rods replace the stock damping rods to increase travel and provide increased damping control for adult sized riders.
Slows rebound and increases compression damping for a firmer more controlled ride.

    Increases travel 1.125" from stock
    Better damping control with stiffer springs and adult sized riders
    CNC machined from solid steel rods


650-YTR-1105 LIST:$99.95  MXP:$89.95
Fork Springs - TTR110, 08-Present

Custom-developed by BBR for adult riders. Pre-set and stress relieved for long life.
Fits TTR 110 stock forks.

    Increased spring rate for adults
    Preset and stress relieved for long life
    Custom wound from aircraft quality spring stee


510-YTR-1131  LIST:$249.95 MXP:$235.95
Tripleclamp - Std Bar, Silver / TTR110/TTR125, 08-Present

CNC machined from 6061 T-6 aluminum. Designed to accommodate adult riders.
Raises bar mount position by 13mm. Fully adjustable front to back with 4 positions.
Allows stock height or lowering of forks up to 1" to raise front end.
All hardware included. Raw aluminum finish. Now includes bracket to mount TTR125 number plate.

    6061 T-6 aluminum
    Fully adjustable
    Key switch incorporated in the top clamp strap
    Raw aluminum finish
    Made in USA!


 520-BBR-1031  LIST:$549.99  MXP:$537.00

TTR110 Elka Shock Stage 2

BBR worked with Elka Suspension to come up with a high quality, rebuildable, adjustable pitbike shock.

The result is their brand new aluminum body Stage 2 playbike shock.

A perfect match to our Stock Comp (or older generation Super Stock) swingarms,

these Elka shocks feature adjustable rebound damping, adjustable preload, and a giant 16mm shock shaft.

We had Elka valve these shocks for aggressive adult riders (and fast kids) and they're sprung for 165-200 lbs. riders.

Custom valving and spring rates are available with a 2 week lead time.

Stock TTR110 shock is 280 mm
Elka Stage 2 shock is 280 mm

  • Adjustable spring preload
  • Adjustable rebound damping
  • Light weight hard anodized aluminum body
  • Huge 16mm shock shaft
  • Low friction internals
  • Triple sealing seal head design
  • 280 mm in length (approx. 11.0 inches)
  • Made in Canada


520-BBR-3011  LIST:$79.95 MXP:$74.95
Handlebar - CB910 Edition, 7/8" Midsize, Black

Working with Carson Brown, BBR has developed this brand new handlebar specifically for 110 sized bikes.
We moved the bends closer to the center to allow the use of big bike controls.
Then the cross bar was moved up to stiffen the bar and we refined the alloy and heat treat to get the perfect stiffness and strength.
The surface is shot peened and anodized black

For a bar this killer, we knew it needed the perfect bar pad.
The molded closed cell foam pad looks both retro and modern with the embossed BBR logo.

    7000 series aluminum
    Perfect MX mid-size bar
    Knurled grip area, 100mm wide
    Standard, 7/8" bar mount
    Includes molded foam BBR crossbar pad



 P# 330-YTR-1135   LIST:$519.95  MXP:$509.00 

 Stock Comp Signature TTR110 Aluminum Swingarm
Introducing the all new BBR Stock Comp Signature aluminum swingarm for the TTR110!

We completely started over in designing this new A-frame style swingarm.

The sides are forged from 6061 aluminum for super high strength and increased stiffness.

These forgings eliminated the 4 main welds used on our old Super Stock swingarms and allowed for a much more precise fit and finish.

The axle dropouts were redesigned to be stronger and allow for more chain adjustment.

The shock mount is removable giving you the choice between standard ride height and +1" seat height.

All Stock Comp Signature swingarms now include a brake stop for disc brake caliper mounts (fits old BBR disc brake or Diamond KX65 caliper mount) or the standard TTR110 brake arm.

Finish is bead blasted clear anodized. Includes anodized look chrome signature decals from Ryan Villopoto and Carson Brown.


Forged 6061 aluminum side spars
TIG welded and heat treated to T6
Bead blasted and Bright Dip anodized finish
Ride height adjustable between standard and +1" (both blocks included)
Uses BBR CRF/XR50 chain guide on all models
Adds 1.75" over stock length
Includes brake rod extender

NOW! Includes chain guide

Note: You will need a longer chain (see Optional Parts below if you want to purchase one with your swingarm).

All Stock Comp Signature swingarms use the BBR CRF/XR50 chainguides.

They are also linked below in the Option Parts section.


512-YTR-1101 LIST:$49.95  MXP:$44.00
Throttle Cable - TTR110 Extended +3", OEM Throttle to OEM Carb

Throttle Cable - TTR110 Extended

This extended throttle cable fits the OEM Yamaha TTR110 carb and the OEM Yamaha TTR110 throttle. It adds 3 inches to the overall length to help when using taller handlebars or tall bar mounts.

    OEM quality cables
    +3 inches in overall length
    Lower price than OEM replacement cables


513-KLX-1101   MXP:$24.00
Brake Cable - + 5" / KLX/DRZ110, 02-Present / TTR110, 08-Present

The perfect solution for anyone running tall handlebars or long-travel forks or damping rods on a KLX/DRZ 110 or TTR110 with stock drum front brake.

    5" longer than OEM brake cable


388-YTR-1111  LIST:$99.95    MXP:$92.00
12" Aluminum Rim - Rear TTR110

Lighter and stronger than the steel production rims.
These aluminum rims are fully dimpled and beautifully anodized.
Made exclusively for BBR Motorsports from 7000 series aluminum.

    12" x 1.60 x 32 hole
    High gloss, black anodized finish
    High strength 7000 series aluminum


NEW !!!
TTR110Seat   MXP:$125.00
Tall Seat gripper seat cover an High density tall seat foam. 
YAMAHA TTR110, 08-Present

Tall Seat gripper seat cover
High density tall seat foam
colors available additional $15


LIST:$99.95   MXP:$92.00
p # 388-KLX-1112   14" Aluminum Rim - Front KLX/DRZ110 or TTR110
Lighter and stronger than the steel production rims. These aluminum rims are fully dimpled and beautifully anodized.
Made exclusively for BBR Motorsports from 7000 series aluminum.

14" x 1.40 x 32 hole
High gloss, black anodized finish
High strength 7000 series aluminum

For more information call 985-210-6951 or email info@mx-performance.com