P# 330-KLX-1110 LIST:$1999.95 MXP:$
Swingarm Kit - ProComp W/Elka Shock Includes Chain Guide/ KLX/DRZ110/L, 02-Present


TBW9224 LIST:$449.95 MXP:$428.00

TB Wheel Assembly Set, HD Aluminum Rims, HD spokes All KLX110

 EM specs of 32ft-lbs for the front and 47ft-lbs for the rear.

Its a good idea to check and adjust your chain while doing this.
After 1 hour of ride time the spokes should be checked to

537-BBR-1007 LIST:$39.95 MXP:$38.00

Shift Lever - BBR Aluminum Folding / KLX/DRZ110, 05-Present

Note: This camshaft has been designed to work with the OEM Kawasaki piston, or the BBR big bore kit piston, with OEM sized valves. Any other combination of parts will require that you manually check valve to piston clearance. This is typically done by assembling the motor with clay on the piston dome and carefully rolling the motor over by hand. The motor is then disassembled and the thickness of the clay is measured. We generally shoot for .050" of clearance on these smaller 2-valve air-cooled motors. If you don't understand this process you should check with a qualified performance engine buider. We can only support our own BBR products.


631-KLX-1111  LIST:$2299.95  MXP:$

Fork Kit - CARD USD 37mm, with clamps, disc brake, 14" Wheel Assy / KLX110 2010-Present