P941 LIST:$489.95  MXP:$445.00

Complete 150cc PERFORMANCE Motor, Lifan.

This Motor Rips !!!

Lifan, is one of the the most reliable motor manufacture of after-market motors with more than 20 years of experience. 3 speed transmission with Takegawa Style Manual clutch with integral oil filter design in clutch cover.

 This version of the performance 150cc motor as comes with the small Outer-Rotor design for light weight and faster engine acceleration.
Kit comes with, CDI ignition controller, 12 volt rectifier, 12 volt ignition coil, wiring pig-tail, Heavy Duty kick start lever and chrome plated shifter.
Mounts directly to your stock mounts, But these are 12 volt systems. If you desire to run these motors on your vintage 6-volt system , you need to make modifications to your stock wiring, please consider this before purchasing.






P# CT70-88   LIST:$448.00  MXP:$374.00 

Bore kit, Performance 88cc bore kit made easy.
If you are looking for the EASY BUTTON for a performance 88cc bore kit,
you will not find another kit on the market with the same level of performance and stock appearance as this kit.
We have taken all of the hard work out of putting together a kit that looks close to the stock appearance of your bike.


266  MXP:$9.95 

Rectifier/Regulator for your 12 volt system.

 Universal unit for almost all of the 12 Volt applications required for the new CDI motor.

Has a 4 gang plug in which is a standard fit for most of the Taiwanese and Chinese motors as well as other imports. Has a rear flange with hole for mounting unit to frame or other location.

 Aluminum housing with locking plug-in receptacle.



P847   LIST:$199.95  MXP:$178.00


 Bore Kit, 88cc CHP. Aluminum CHP 52mm cylinder, High compression aluminum piston for your stock CT70 head, wrist pin, cir-clips, piston rings and a complete top end gasket set. Bolt on performance for your stock CT70, unmatched price and quality.




P727-6   LIST:$394.00  MXP:$374.00 


88cc Privateer Race kit.
Complete 88cc Performance bore for your 6-volt motors.

Kit comes with all of the items shown in the picture,

Privateer Race head with 22mm Exhaust and 25mm Intake as well as the famous Roller bearing Privateer Race cam and proper cam sprocket.

Matching 20mm carb and performance aluminum intake, gaskets and mounting hardware as well as a high flow foam air filter.
The heart of the bore kit is our Privateer High compression piston and Japanese aluminum cylinder manufactured from the same company that produces all of the Kitaco products.

A complete gasket set is also included making this one of the most complete and best bangs for the buck.
This is the same Privateer Race kit that has been wining races on the Quad Racing Circuit for more than 3 years, Race Proven Technology.

By from the people who know performance and answer the phone with any of your tech questions all day long, CHP!

You will need to use your stock tappet adjusters screws and jam nuts as well as modify the right

side head cover of your old 6-volt head.

We do sell a new right head cover at an additional cost, if you do not want to modify your existing cover.



 P727-6-1  LIST:$554.95   MXP:$510.00

 KO- 1979

Complete 88cc performance package. By popular demand we have teamed up the best of the best for your vintage CT70 hop up.

Our Famous Privateer 88cc Race bore kit as well as our top of the line performance UHF pipe for the CT70.
With team of performance parts we have already done all of the homework for you matching up the best of the best.

Unmatched performance out of the bore along with unmatched performance from our UHF CHP performance pipe. Plug-N-Play performance kit.

 Installing this pipe will require some trimming of the skid plate
You will need to use your stock tappet adjusters screws and jam nuts as well as modify the right side head cover of your old 6-volt head.

We do sell a new right head cover at an additional cost, if you do not want to modify your existing cover.




P# TBW0555  LIST:$189.95  




Performance exhaust with kevlar can.

Excellent quality and performance! Great for the 88 to 117cc bore kits! Includes a removable silencer as well.

NOTE: The stock chrome skid plate on early models will need to be modified (trimmed) to work with this exhaust.




P# P882  LIST:$169.95  MXP:$155.00



Pipe, UHF (Ultima High Flow) design for larger bore motors. 0.875" at the flange mount, expands to 1.125" and then transitions to 1.525 to enter the muffler.

The muffler incorporates and removable baffle with exit diameter of the 0.875" through the baffle and 1.500" with the baffle removed.
Chrome plated design, chrome plated hanger with rubber isolation

billet mount for your rear shock as well as 2 stainless steel springs to secure the muffler and pipe units together.

Incorporates similar design as the the Kitaco P69, and half the price.

Some modifications will be required if you run your stock skid plate, this plate will need to be trimmed.




P# TBW0554  LIST:$175.95  MXP:$169.00



Performance exhaust with stainless can.

Excellent quality and performance! Great for the 88 to 117cc bore kits! Includes a removable silencer as well.

NOTE: The stock chrome skid plate on early models will need to be modified (trimmed) to work with this exhaust.


C218 K1-1982 LIST:$69.99  MXP:$61.00
Muffler kitComplete aftermarket muffler kit for your CT70 K1-1981.
Kit includes the muffler, muffler guard, head pipe shield, lower mounting bracket and lower muffler guard packing.
Chrome plated muffler guard as well as the head pipe shield with chrome muffler and welded in baffle.
This is not a Honda muffler kit but for the money this is a nice cheap alternative.
This item receives our "C" Quality rating, of rider quality.


 C13K  MXP:$19.95


Complete Seal Kit
1)Counter sprocket seal
2)Magneto Seal
3)Shifter seal
4)Kick start seal
5)Stator plate O-Ring
6)2 Stator Screw O-Rings
7)Seal for clutch adjustment stud.


C106  MXP:$16.95 


Complete Gasket Set, NO SEALS JUST GASKETS, picture may not represent exact product.

 If you need a Valve SEAL or any other seal, you will need to purchase these seals separately, as stated above, this kit is a GASKET set, not a seal kit.



 C14LIST:$99.95  MXP:$85.00

Complete Restoration Kit, Includes Complete Fastener kit, Seal Kit & Complete Gasket set


C12   MXP:$41.95

Complete Engine Fastener Kit. Includes all of the following:
1)Side case screws.
2)Main case screws.
3)Head Nuts, (3)Acorn Nuts, (1) Nylock.
4)Head Washers, (1) Brass, (3) Steel.
5)Anchor Bolts for the cylinder and head.
6) Screws for Right Side Cam Cover.
7)Bolt & Brass Washer for Round Cam Cover cover.
8)Holders for coil wire and carb overflow
9) Exhaust Studs and nuts
10)Bolt for Cam Chain Idler & Brass washer.
11)2 Screws for removable round mag cover
12) 2 screws for round clutch cover, "H" model only



P# C17-1 MXP:$3.99


Gasket, Float bowl. Precision manufactured of high tensile reinforced rubber, so that it can be re-used numerous times and impervious to fuel exposure as well as extrusion resistant. Vastly superior to the OEM cork gasket.



P# C148 MXP:$56.95


Carb assy , CT70 KO-1977, AFTER-MARKET. direct bolt on. Has petcock valve on carb just like original. Petcock is located on opposite side.
If you do not have your original carb cap from your origincal carb to install on this unit, you might want to purchase item number 166, see this item listed below.


P# C17 MXP:$28.00


CHP Carb Rebuild Kit. *
1) Bowl gasket
2) Bowl screws
3) Float needle and seat and sealing washer
4) Idle speed screw and spring
5) Air mixture screw and spring
6) Petcock packing
7) Petcock plate screws
8) Filter cap screws
9) Air cap gasket
10) Slide "W" clip
11) Metering rod and clip
12) Main Jets, #62

13) Piolt jet, #35


 P30  MXP:$21.00

Petcock assy with filter and mounting tab.

This remote petcock will mount on your bike and still give you that fuel cut off for your performance carb set-up.


C253  KO -1977  MXP:$68.00 

Carb, After-Market assy. This unit has been reproduced with exacting detail to the OEM unit that has long been discontinued.

Completely new tooling, not something that has been adapted to work on your CT70.

Produced from high precision tooling to insure the same level of quality as the OEM item, back in the day.

All of the pieces that were originally manufactured from brass are duplicated in exact detail from brass for this unit as well.

All of the pieces from this unit, can interchange with the original carbs.

If you are after a unit that is a plug and play unit for your original carb,

you can not rebuild and restore your original carb unit for the price of this carb.

Take a look at the detail in this unit, if you did not see the CHP logo,

you would swear that this is an original Kehien Carb unit.
Carb comes stock with a #60 Main and #35 Pilot

Please make a note of the cable pic listed below,

this will show you the proper FREE CABLE LENGTH needed to install this unit properly.

If you do not have the proper cable length,

do not install unit,

order and proper throttle cable,

C15LG, and have in stalled by certified mechanic.

This note is added to insure that you make the correct decision before installing this carb,


You must have this free length to properly install this unit,

not anything listed in another cable chart,

THIS NOTE, this is why we have posted this note attached to this item, to eliminate mistakes.