TB 55mm Stroker Crankshaft Kit – 03-09 Models


55mm Stroker Crankshaft Kit. Increase your displacement, torque, and power by replacing your stock crankshaft with this one. The kit also includes a new cam sprocket and DID Cam Chain. No modifications are needed and works with the stock bore and cylinder head or with all 134cc, 138cc, 143cc, 160cc, 165cc, and 178cc bore & race head kits that use cylinders with a skirt. If you have an 07 or older model with the original OEM Output Shaft, we highly recommend also purchasing our strengthened Output Shaft available in this section.  The 02 thru 07 Output Shafts were very weak and would often snap so best to update while you have the engine apart.

NOTE: For the 03-09 Models, the new cam chain and sprocket in the kit must be used.





   TB 55mm Stroker

Crankshaft Kit – 03-09



P# TBW9182