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Easy bolt on power for your Kawasaki KLX140! This TBparts High Performance Camshaft is for use with either the stock bore or our 63mm/170cc Big Bore Kit.  You will not find a better cam for the price! Starting around 5,000 RPM this cam starts making significantly more power than the OEM cam and carries it all the way to the top end allowing you to rev out farther and make more power! As with all our cams, the quality is also exceptional and not a regrind OEM cam.


Well over 1hp gain in stock applications
Brand new camshaft and bearings
Works great with the stock cylinder head on a stock or modified KLX140
(Installation note ? KLX140 camshaft bolts are reverse threaded, turn them right/clockwise to loosen/remove)




TB KLX140 Performance



P# TBW1515

TB KLX140 Performance Camshaft