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 KLX140 BBR Performance Camshaft  KLX140/L/G 08 - Present


A brand new camshaft purpose built for the KLX140! The KLX140 is the ultimate trail bike.
It just needs a little more power.
The valves and ports are big. Kawasaki put on a tiny corked up exhaust, a tiny camshaft, tiny carb, and low compression piston.
Our 170 kit fixes the piston side of it and lots of great exhausts already exist.
Now we have the solution to the camshaft side.

This new camshaft grind benefits from all the years of BBR testing, racing, and development.
It is the latest and greatest of what we offer and hands-down the single best improvement of any camshaft we've built to date.
We've been durability testing this thing all year and we haven't had a single engine failure related to this camshaft.
The best part is it will still run on 92 octane - so you can hit the trails and not drive around looking for race gas

Note: The BBR KLX140 Performance Camshaft installs the same as the OEM camshaft (valve clearance IN: .002"-.003" / EX: .004"-.006").
We recommend you purchase an OEM Kawasaki KLX140 Service Manual to assist you when installing this camshaft.


BBR KLX140 Performance



P# 411-KLX-1820